I’d never known of a butterfly to be a burden until this Painted Lady found its way into my line of sight and locked upon me, dancing a jagged dance closer and closer my way, it’s fluttering wings sending heavy waves of breeze toward me, it’s antennae probing me from afar and it’s neutral tones mesmerizing me. I observed it peacefully until with a simple, twisted swoosh it flew supernaturally straight at my face and through the pupil of my eye to reside in my mind. 

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Those manic nights in your city didn’t quite manufacture me to be what I am now, but they certainly contributed to my infamous need for love and oblique passion. It’s fine to detest a lover if you have to. 

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The waterlily studio at Claude Monet’s home at Giverny.
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Bridget Riley, 1960s

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You’re here because he wants to teach you how compelling the vertigo of a new moon can be. Don’t resist the fall. 

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