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~   Mary Wollstonecraft; ”Maria, or The Wrongs of Woman”
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Mille Roessler Belle Epoque dancer 1909 Reutlinger
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Seaside Heights, N.J.: The Star Jet roller coaster at Casino Pier amusement park, once a Jersey Shore landmark, remains partly submerged in the Atlantic. (Photo: Stephen Wilkes for TIME)
After documenting the effects of Hurricane Sandy for TIME, photographer Stephen Wilkes took to the air to show the true extent of the storm’s impact. See more on LightBox.
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Silence by abruptly
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There’s an oak tree blooming from one of her tentacles. 

~   Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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I could sense that quite simply she was going to be the first of her kind to die and in my mind I held a private screening in which I ran, in quite some style, and threw myself desperately at one of Dali’s confused clocks, hoping we’d land yesterday. Le Fin. I need your help here.


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~   Charles Bukowski, Factotum
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